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About Autosmart

About Autosmart Australia

AutoSmart Australia was founded in 1996 and started franchising in 1999. It has since grown to be Australia's largest trade supplier with 35 franchisees nationwide. We are the only manufacturer to market in every state.

Caring for the environment is very important to Autosmart Australia

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The Company

Autosmart International was established in the UK in 1979 and today is the trade’s favourite supplier of vehicle cleaning products in many territories around the world. We develop and manufacture all of our own products, and distribute them exclusively through an international network of franchisees.

Autosmart Australia

National Coverage

Dozens of franchises across all states and territories makes AutoSmart Australia a market leader in coverage across Australia. From Darwin to South Sydney, from Eastern Perth to Geelong, AutoSmart Australia is helping customers find the best products to suit their needs from our amazing range.

Autosmart Australia

AutoSmart Australia has a proven track record of providing the best services and the finest products


AutoSmart believes strongly in product safety, we have compiled an extensive datasheet collection of our MSDS', or Material Data Safety Sheets.

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