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The training given by AutoSmart is fantastic, they took me from being a car detailer to a franchisee. So in my first year I tripled my income.

Wojtek Szczypior


In my first year as a franchisee in Darwin, the support and advice from AutoSmart Australia has been second to none. Our earnings potential has exceeded our expectations.

Chace Karpenko


I had previous experience dealing with AutoSmart products and knew their quality, so I was thrilled to start a franchise with them, and I have never looked back.

Dominic Massey


AutoSmart's support when I started my franchise was excellent, their knowledge in the area is incredible.

Mitchel Brooks


Purchasing an AutoSmart franchise was one of the best decisions of my life.

Adrian Dutney


My experience being a previous AutoSmart customer meant I knew the quality of the products and the business model, I was enthused to get the opportunity to purchase a franchise, and my earnings have increased considerably.

Geoff Stibbard