Maintenance Products

Active Mousse

Our 1litre DG bottle range will easy allow you to differentiate...

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Aerosol Paints

The Autosmart range of paints is designed to give great results...

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All Purpose Thinners

General purpose thinners, ideal as a paint thinners, brush clean...

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Battery Terminal Protector

Protective coating to prevent corrosion and acid build-up...

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BCE - Brake, Clutch and Electrical Cleaner

Rapidly removes dirt, brake fluid, oil and grease...

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Brake Cleaner

Brake Cleaner is a powerful general degreaser solvent. Fast...

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Citratech is a powerful, non-flammable degreaser, cleane...

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Multi-purpose screenwash concentrate, available with or without...

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A concentrated, methanol-free de-icer, which is effective down...

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Fuel Injector Cleaner

An aerosol, which cleans accumulated deposits from carburetors,...

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Heavy Duty Impact Adhesive

An aerosol heavy-duty contact adhesive...

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An aerosol cleaner for removing chewing gum and adhesives...

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Magna Markers Ink Removal Pen

Magna Markers Ink Removal Pen. Product Code...

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Solvent B1

Solvent B1 is a powerful general degreaser. Fast drying solvent...

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Zinc Galva

A zinc primer coating which prevents corrosion of newly welded...

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