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Swirl Removing Pad Glaze Onyx Polish has the combined effects of aluminium oxide (Al2O3) micro abrasives with a hard setting advanced polymer polish. The cutters in Onyx Polish abrade the paints surface to give a smooth even finish while the advanced polymer sealant, eliminates any fine scratches and surface imperfections. Onyx Polish allows the detailer to rejuvenate dull and faded paintwork restoring the paints surface to a smooth high gloss finish and deep lustre.

Size Available : 1L

SDS : Download Onyx polish Safety Data Sheet


Shake bottle. Apply using an orbital or rotary polisher, gradually increasing speed to a maximum of 1500 rpm. Work surface until the desired finish has been achieved. Re-apply product if pad starts to stick. Finish by wiping over surface with a microfibre cloth. CAUTION: Do not use on vehicle windscreen


  • Quick and easy one-step cut polish for fast results.
  • Removes fine scratches and surface imperfections.
  • Low dusting.
  • Combined effects of cutters and polymer sealant.
  • Leaves paintwork with a high gloss and deep lustre.

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