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Product Information

A concentrated TFR for heavy duty degreasing. An excellent curtain cleaner.


Before use, food products & packaging materials must be removed from the room or carefully protected. Apply manually or using a HPW or a pre-spray unit. Triple should be used at the following dilutions depending on soiling:

Hot HPW: 1:50 (20ml/L) to 1:80 (12ml/L) Cold HPW: 1:25 (40ml/L) to 1:40 (25ml/L) Manually/Pre-spray: 1:20 (50ml/L) 1:40 (25ml/L)

After using Triple all surfaces must be rinsed with potable water.

Sizes Available

5L / 20L / 200L / 1000L

SDS: Download Triple Safety Data Sheet


  • Highly effective deep cleaning formulation
  • Removes fats, blood, grease & burnt on residues
  • Safe for use in food processing areas and food transportation vehicles.
  • Easy rinsing formulation – Suitable for use in hard and soft water

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