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Traffic Film Remover Cloths

Traffic Film Remover Cloths

Product Information

The Autosmart Clay Cloths are an easy solution to stubborn, hard to remove surface contaminants and traffic film residues. They are an exciting and innovative technology aimed at reducing the time and effort required to remove these contaminants, bringing your vehicles surface back to its best. Featuring a Microfibre cloth base bonded to an advanced polymer clay compound, these high quality cloths will easily outperform their clay bar predecessors, with the added benefit of being completely washable and reusable.

Available in Fine Green, Medium Blue and Coarse Purple.



  • Microfibre cloth with advanced polymer clay compound bonded to one side
  • Designed to remove stubborn contaminants on vehicle surfaces
  • Faster, more effective than clay bars
  • Reusable and washable

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