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Red 7

Red 7

Product Information

Red 7 pH Neutral Aluminium Cleaner & Fallout Remover. The safe choice. Red 7 is a pH neutral, acid free wheel cleaner, designed for performance & speed. It provides a simple yet extremely effective spray on and hose off action for bringing your vehicles wheels to an impressive shine. It is also very effective at removing fallout and as a de-rusting agent. Red 7 has a unique, deep cleaning action, yet is safe on all vehicle surfaces.

Why choose this product for your car?

Red 7 is a highly effective, yet pH neutral, wheel cleaner that turns red on contact with metal particles, such as fallout and brake dust. Added gloss enhancers leave metal surfaces looking like new. Red 7 is safe for all surfaces including paint, rubber, plastic, aluminium, polished alloy, carbon and even the most delicate wheels and brake discs. It is also perfect for removing light corrosion from tools, brake discs, diesel tanks etc.


Ensure surface is cool. Apply neat using sprayer. Allow to dwell and brush if required. The product will turn red when it comes into contact with metal based soiling. Rinse using high pressure water.

Sizes Available

5L / 20L / 200L

SDS: Download Red 7 Safety Data Sheet


  • Free from acid and caustic materials
  • Safe for all surfaces, including polished alloys, aluminium and anodised finishes anodised finishes
  • Powerful cleaning action with a high gloss finish
  • Highly effective on industrial fallout and rust

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