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Product Information

AutoSmart Platinum polish is a premium polymer wax polish for quality and new paintwork. It has a technically advanced formula that leaves a thick long lasting protective polymer coating. This coating bonds to the vehicle surface, making it weather resistant and giving the paintwork a long lasting deep shine. Platinum is suitable for use on all paint types including metallic and is versatile enough for hand or machine use. Its low dust formulation will not mark trim.

Why choose this polish for your car?

AutoSmart Platinum is our flagship polish product. It provides unmatched results for all types of new to 1 year old paintwork. It leaves a coating which bonds to the paint, this coating is weather resistant and also leaves a deep shine. AutoSmart Platinum is now available in a convenient 1 Litre size which comes with a free Microfibre Applicator Pad and a Deluxe Polishing Towel.


  • Gives a long lasting deep shine to paintwork
  • Low dusting for fast and easy results
  • Contains weathershield polymers to protect paint
  • Removes fine scratches and oxidation

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