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Mirror Image

Mirror Image

Product Information

AutoSmart Mirror Image Is a premium wax polish design for use on all used paintwork. It restores, cleans and waxes in one simple ‘on & off’ process leaving a long lasting shine. Mirror Image contains fine cutters to remove small imperfections & blemishes. Also features solvent cleaners to remove any built up grime and staining on the surface.This polish can restore up to 3 year old paint. Mirror Image leaves an advanced polymer protective coating. Its low dust formulation will not mark trim.

AutoSmart Mirror Image is the best option for paint 1-3 years old, if your paintwork is new-1 year old AutoSmart Platinum will offer even better results.

Why choose this polish for your car?

AutoSmart Mirror Image is the optimal choice of polish for aged and fading paintwork up to 3 years old. Its solvent cleaners and cutting ability simultaneously removes small blemishes and removes grime and staining. AutoSmart Mirror Image is now available in larger 1 Litre size which comes with a Microfibre applicator pad and Deluxe Polishing Towel.


  • Excellent for tired & used paintwork
  • Long lasting gloss finish
  • Removes fine scratches & blemishes
  • Fast to apply, easy to remove

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