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Golden Touch

Golden Touch

Product Information

Liquid Protector Polish. Golden Touch uses advanced Ionic Nano technology and is a revolutionary new product set to challenge conventional techniques used for fast application of vehicle surface protection. It is a sprayable, final finish, one step polish, that delivers a luxurious deep gleaming shine to all paint finishes. It is amazing at removing finger prints, watermarks and blemishes whilst being easy to use, fast and long lasting. Golden Touch is suitable for all paint types including metallics. 

Why choose this product for your car?

Golden Touch is one of the simplest yet most impressing detailing sprays you will ever come across, simply spray on and buff in. Golden Touch delivers an unbelievable shine – watch the dust and water shed off your paintwork. We strongly recommend anybody to give this product a try. You will not be disappointed.


  • Liquid Protector Polish
  • One step polish
  • Leaves a luxurious deep gleaming shine

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