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Foaming Gold

Foaming Gold

Product Information

High Foaming concentrate, non-caustic formulation. Ideal for automated car wash systems or aerated brush use.


Dilutions: • Hot pressure washer: 1:50 • Cold pressure washer: 1:35 • Manual use: 1:5

Dilution rate will vary according to degree of soiling and local water quality. In hot weather pre-wet vehicle with water. Apply Foaming Gold from bottom up. Agitate if necessary. Rinse with water.

CAUTION: Do not allow product to dry on surface. May effect some singe pack paint finishes. If in doubt test before use.

Sizes Available

5L / 20L / 200L / 1000L

SDS: Download Foaming Gold Safety Data Sheet


  • High foaming for carwash systems
  • Biodegradeable, quick break formulation
  • Will not mark brightwork or alloys
  • Highly effective, low hazard formulation
  • Suitable for cars & trucks

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